School Manager

‘Change’ is the law of nature. It is but natural that each succeeding generation will be different from its predecessors, or else how will the change come in! Our planet would not have come this far had it not been for changes. Hence changes cannot be done away with. With the advantage in the field of technology, the education system has also undergone a profound change foe last two decades or so. Hence it has become mandatory for both the teacher and the taught to mold themselves accordingly to keep pace with the fast changing scenario in the field of education. The problem arises only when the younger feels the order is conventional while the older feels the younger is adamant. Things can become smooth and pleasant if both the sides take a good look into other view. The school of this nature not only provides all round education for the development of body and mind but also educated the student to inculcate values which are the essence of life. The school aims to instill the basic values of life which are fast fading out form our society. Hence the main emphasis is to provide modernized school education with a touch of Indian traditional values. It is not the learning of a particular subject which matter most rather to become an educated person in its truest sense. Everything of tradition is not to be thrown away: all modernism is not be abhorred. Living together in the boarding also changes the outlook of the child and develops a sense of belonging or feeling of oneness, Children learn to become independent and self-reliant which in turn help them to understand and solve the problems of life in future. The unrest in today’s youth is primarily due to lack of proper direction in one’s life. In this regards, not only the school, parents, every family member, educational institutions at all levels should come forward to provide right direction to the children our society. Blending of tradition and modernism only can bring about growth of any society. Keeping with the motto, the school aims to produce a truly educated human being and not merely a meritorious student.